CGMG bvba

Marc and Greta form in real life a couple and as such brought together their expertise in their company CGMG bvba.

Greta has acquired considerable experience as a translator and has specialized in scientific-medical texts.

Marc’s part in CGMG is based on his ‘field’ experience linked to his scientific background.  As a trained biologist and holder of an MBA, Marc has mainly worked on nature and water related topics as well as performing environmental performance/compliance related audits of companies. Since 2000 he was regularly involved in projects for golf-clubs and in 2010 he became a certified GEO-auditor.
Marc is in charge of various environmental-technical and REACH related studies. He has extensive experience in diverse environmental disciplines.  Over the years, Marc carried out a large number of environmental impact assessments, due diligence assessments, water management plans and REACH projects.

Apart from these activities Greta and Marc also own a sustainable small plant nursery dedicated to bushes with edible berries.

As a small company they can contribute their personal experience of over 30 years in a flexible way and at a very competitive level. Still delivering state-of-the-art and quality work.

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